Our startups

We are constantly trying to push in what can be created and made more efficient. It is important for us to keep a technological step and we do everything to ensure that our testing creates the usefulness and effectiveness of a positive impact on the world around us.

Therefore, we have deployed another dedicated startup team, which is dedicated to the development of our products, which they develop in close cooperation with specialists in the field and move our technological knowledge and open up opportunities, and which no one has even thought about so far.

In our hidden labs, we are constantly developing new systems, applications and rocket gadgets for which the world is not yet ready.

When the time is right, you will be the first to know about them!

Do you want to work for us?

We are always interested in talented developers with fresh ideas. If you want to become part of our friendly team, where you can develop your knowledge and fulfill your potential, contact us or stop directly to our office.


Bohumínská 410/135
712 00 Slezská Ostrava-Muglinov
Česká Republika



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